Tips for bring your dog to your engagement session

1. Come prepared.  Bringing treats, a leash, waste bags, and water to keep your fur baby happy.

2.  Go with one look.  Multiple outfit changes and handling your pet can be a lot.  It’s best to keep to one look and keep it simple.

3.  Bring a friend.  We will be wanting to do some portraits without your beloved puppy.  Having another set of hands to tend to your dog is extremely helpful.

4.  Bring your patience.  Okay… real talk?  Your pet is going to misbehave a little bit.  I guarantee it.  And you will become frustrated.  But don’t let that frazzle you.  Expect that it will happen and keep calm.  It will make you feel better and look better in your photos.

5.  Plan for more time.  Working with animals can mean taking a little more time getting just the right shot.  It’s a good idea to start the session a little earlier.  Always ask your photographer for the best time to start your session.


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