at the heart of my work, here's what i care about:

Genuine Moments

Finding Great Light

Making our time together fun!

“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.”

-Henri Cartier-Bresson

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not just another wedding shoot

Building relationships through photography is my passion. As your wedding photographer, I'm honored to intimately capture your special day.

With over 400 weddings under my belt, I've seen it all and will work tirelessly to deliver incredible photos you'll cherish forever. My goal is to provide such an amazing experience that you become friends who call me back for family photos year after year.

Every wedding is unique and I geek out over capturing each couple's special details and moments with care and expertise. Hire me not just for beautiful photos, but for a wedding photographer who deeply cares about you. Let's celebrate your love and create timeless memories together!

here's where you come in

client love

"My wife and I recently had our wedding photos taken by Wendy, and we had an amazing experience!

She sent us a lot more pictures than we were expecting, and the quality was great. We were really impressed with how they turned out. Thank you Wendy!"

Daniel & alexis

"Wendy is so down-to-earth, and makes sure the couple gets the shots that they want...

... not just the shots that she thinks they should have. Her style captured not just the "big moments" but all of the tiny details that made up the day and documented my daughter's choices - her beautiful blue shoes, her grandmother's pearls, the stunning floral bouquets.For anyone considering a wedding photographer, don't focus on the price, just book with Wendy."

katie & peter

"I found her as a comfort source during the nerve wracking few hours before the wedding.

During the day of our wedding, she was very calm and reminded me to breathe and enjoy the moment. That is more than I bargained for! I could not have picked a better photographer who listened and has a heart of gold. Our pictures are magazine worthy (humble brag), truly, it is! That's all because of Wendy's eye for great shots."

mariel & dennis

"suddenly I noticed that Wendy was very smoothly and covertly gliding through the crowded guests to get her photos.

She wasn't shoving anyone, getting in anyone's way, just very naturally navigating through the scene to get her shots."

julia & jeffrey

"he was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar...

*queue “Don’t You Want Me” by The Human League

...when I met my boo.  (If you recognize that song lyric, you may have a love for 80's tunes—another way to earn bonus points with me!)

But seriously, I met my husband on vacation and thought he was adorable.  After a quick courtship and an ever quicker trip to the courthouse, we were married! He's now an international flight attendant for a major airline and we get to travel the world together – as long as there’s minimal sun OR adequate shade for this freckled gal!! 

We've come a long way from that cocktail bar!

me &
my love

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✔ Knows where to be at the right time
✔ Knows how to capture quality photos (that are well-lit)
✔ Knows how to use creativity to make balanced and well-composed photos
✔ Knows how to create unique and artistic shots that you may not have thought of
✔ Knows how to pay attention to every detail (from the lighting to the poses to the background) to ensure that EVERY
photo is perfect
✔ Knows how to show up on time and be prepared to manage a timeline in case of any blunders during your day.   

If you answered yes to these questions, then we should definitely chat! 

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