Five Reasons Why You Need An Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are incredibly valuable.  The images created are far more than just adorable photos of you and your partner cuddling.  Engagement sessions give you an opportunity to really get to know the person that will be directing a major portion of your wedding day:  your photographer.  Here are five reasons why booking an engagement session is super smart!


Get Comfy With PDA.  PDA is an abbreviation for public display of affection.  During an engagement session, your photographer is going to direct you to do a lot of PDA.  For example:  hugging, holding hands,  kissing and, my personal favorite, spooning… these are all things I ask my couples to do during an engagement session.  If you are not used to being affectionate in public, getting snugly with your sweetheart in front of a complete stranger pointing a camera at you can be kind of awkward.  Having the experience of the engagement session will help both of you get comfortable with being in front of the camera and will give you photographer an idea of how comfortable you are being affectionate in front of the camera.


How The Pose Goes.  Mastering the “un-posed” look in a photograph is truly an art form.  Your photographer should be able to coach you through posing so that your moves look effortless and candid.  Your engagement session gives you the opportunity to practice posing and taking direction with you photographer so that your wedding day is a breeze!


Get Extra Mileage Out Of  Your Trial Run. Many beauty experts offer a makeup trial run before your wedding.  When you coordinate your hair and make up trial with your engagement session, you get to see how the makeup photographs and look amazing in your photos.

Client below makeup by Shana Beals Makeup Artistry.


More Casual Photos. On your wedding day, there will be tons of photos of the two of you dressed in your finest attire.  An engagement session gives you more casual, everyday images that look great hanging on your walls.  Also, an engagement session can be in a different season that your wedding.  If you love Fall but your wedding is in the spring, a Fall engagement session can fulfill your dream of Fall photos.


Get Your Fur Babies In The Photo!  Sometimes our fur babies just are suited to be a wedding guests.  An engagement session gives you the opportunity to get professional photographs of you as a family… fur baby and all.



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